Automating metrics and benchmarks

Power your firm with your client’s perspective

Software Designed to Automatically Calculate
LegalOps Metrics

Law firms want to understand performance from their clients’ points of view. And they can.

Incorporating clients’ LegalOps measures and targets into the relationships eliminates frustration and offers the clarity needed to help both provider and legal department achieve their objectives.


Sara Lord
Managing Director, Legal Metrics

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Opt-In to Share Data Between Firms & Legal Firms

Easy to Implement

For Law Firms

With accurate and detailed real-time analytics, you can:

Your Performance Data + Your Clients’ Targets = the Information You Need to Excel

Exceed Client Goals

Increase Diversity

Reduce Turnover

Generate Business

Benchmark Performance

Protect Sensitive Information

our misson

Metrics that support your diversity, efficiency and value goals – and so much more

For Legal Departments

With real-time insights into outside counsel performance, you can:

Your Goals + Outside Counsel Insights = the Data You Need for the Results You Want

Closely Partner with Outside Counsel

Evaluate and Compare Outside Counsel Performance

Track and Monitor Spend

Support Diversity

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Stop manually gathering data and calculating metrics!

Power your organization with insights that are always up-to-date, accurate, and tailored to meet your specific needs.

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