Make Informed Decisions With Legal Metrics

Software Designed to Automatically Calculate Legal Operations Metrics


We started with a mission: To work with a progressive consortium of law firms, law companies, legal departments, tech companies and other industry leaders to agree upon and share legal operations metrics – from diversity to efficiency to value and more.

That mission has expanded and evolved: To support partnerships between law firms/law companies and legal departments by automating the calculation, analysis, and optional sharing of legal operations metrics to support collaboration, information transfer, and data-driven decision making.

We have now created software to automatically calculate diversity and inclusion metrics – phase one of our legal operations solution.

We're automating metrics and benchmarks for law firms and legal departments. Contact us to learn more about our legal operations metrics system. 

We are a minority-led organization, developed and supported by industry leaders. Our product is customized to your needs, allows optional sharing of data between firms and legal departments, and is easy to implement. Low or no cost subscriptions are available.

Welcome to the Future of Decision Making

Our objectives


Help law firms and other legal service providers see themselves as their clients already see them.

Progressive legal departments already track extensive objective and subjective metrics on firms that affect legal buying decisions, but the firms can’t see and react to this useful feedback. Law firms have dashboards but tend to track only financial metrics. By giving legal service providers the complete picture, they can improve themselves in context of what matters to their clients and desired clients.


Help law firms and law companies understand their own operations through automated metrics and visualizations.

Law firms recognize the value of tracking and monitoring legal ops with an eye towards improving diversity, increasing efficiency and value, and managing workflows. But gathering and analyzing such information is time consuming and requires a unique set of skills. Automating the calculation of metrics targeted to firms’ unique needs will allow them to identify areas for improvement and track progress toward meeting their goals.


Help legal departments automate the collection and visualization of legal ops metrics and benchmarks.

Legal departments, even those with active diversity and legal ops metrics programs, may have limited information from their providers, may be asking them to manually calculate metrics, or may not have automated methods to calculate, display and benchmark their own non-financial legal ops metrics. Addressing these gaps will accelerate the ease, maturity, and prevalence of metrics in legal departments which, as the top of the supply chain, will drive change for the entire market.


Engage with other industry leaders to agree and standardize legal operational metrics.

The clarification and standardization of certain legal ops metrics will take a village. Legal Metrics is connecting and accelerating existing and new efforts across industry leaders, universities, and standards groups, with initial focuses on diversity and value. Collectively, we are supporting the maturity of all parties in the legal market.

Automated Diversity Metrics – our capabilities today

The first version of our software, available now, focuses on diversity and inclusion metrics. 

  • Law firms and law companies can automatically analyze their own operations, automatically benchmark using clients’ KPIs and industry survey results (like an ‘app store’ for metrics), and even automate diversity survey responses. Eliminate manual calculations and better protect your employees’ sensitive diversity information by sharing aggregated and de-identified results. Whether to share your results with other organizations is always discretionary, based on an opt-in approach. Dashboards provide trending, client compliance, and firm analysis capabilities. Annual subscriptions average just $15k.
  • Legal Departments can define diversity metrics and then automatically receive results from their outside counsel – no work, no waiting for bills, and no need to ask for sensitive diversity information for individuals by name. Dashboards provide trending, alignment with your KPIs, and benchmark visualizations across your panel firms. There are no costs to legal departments to automate their diversity metrics for outside counsel.

Top 10 roadmap of metric types

  • Spend/financial
  • Value
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • E-discovery
  • Billing practices, billing compliance
  • Staffing practices
  • After-matter surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Pro bono
  • Matter complexity
  • Matter timing and effectiveness