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Metrics that support your diversity, efficiency and value goals – and so much more

Legal Metrics started as a consortium of industry leaders with a mission to agree upon and share legal operations metrics.

But the industry needed more. It needed a tool that would automatically calculate and convert operations metrics into usable information.

We built that tool. And it is expanding.


We started with diversity, allowing leaders to target improvements with the information, KPIs, and benchmarks that matter to them.


Improve efficiency and offer more client value with timekeeper performance and development needs, practice and matter staffing, matter fit, next generation industry benchmarks and more.

If you are innovative and want to lead with data driven insights that support high quality decision making, join us on this journey to a better business of law.



Sara Lord, Managing Director and Metrics Curator, brings a unique perspective to the business challenges and analytics needed to support data-driven decision making in the legal industry. She started her career in the world of numbers, honing her analytic skills in the gray cubicles of finance and the rough-and-tumble pits of commodity trading. In search of new challenges, she shifted into the world of letters, practicing law in firms from the very large to the very small. Combining her worlds in the legal technology space, she is a special character (see what I did there) who thrives on leading diverse teams in the mission to support development of the business of law.

Sara works closely with Legal Metrics partners and clients to explore their data and decision-making needs, develop customize metrics and offerings, and support business growth. Her focus on creating content that allows users to understand at-a-glance how they are performing helps residents of the world of letters support their decisions with information from the world of numbers.

Sara has a B.S. in finance from rural University of Connecticut, a J.D. from bustling New York University, and a sense of humor from the dry Nitrian Desert.

Sara Lord

Sara Lord

Managing Director, Metrics Curator

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