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See your firm through the eyes of your clients

Achieve excellence by aligning your performance with your clients’ unique metrics – no mind reading or time consuming analysis required.

Exceed Client Goals

Achieve unparalleled success by utilizing your clients’ KPIs to measure your performance. Proactively identify and address any potential challenges to maintain a strong and lasting partnership. With this crucial edge, you will soar above the competition and elevate your performance to the next level.

Increase Diversity

Experience a brighter future for your firm with our cutting-edge diversity insights. Gain valuable knowledge about your workforce allocation across clients, practices, offices, and more. Spend more time creating change and less time responding to requests for information with reports targeted to your clients’ goals. Uncover potential biases, track your progress, and benchmark your diversity against industry peers. Armed with this powerful data, you can make meaningful progress against your goals.

Protect Sensitive Information

Take control of your information with optional data sharing. Share select information with clients and industry organizations on your terms. Provide the valuable insights your client needs without transferring sensitive diversity information by individual name. And with the ability to opt in and out at any time, the power to protect your information remains firmly in your hands.

Reduce Turnover

Improve firm culture with insights from diversity and burnout to tenure. Use this valuable data to make necessary changes to retain your top talent, reducing the costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, and training new employees. With a stronger, more engaged workforce, your company can achieve greater success.

Generate Business

Get ahead of the competition with cutting-edge metrics. Easily compare your performance to potential clients’ KPIs to identify your strengths and outshine your peers. Plus, showcase your firm by highlighting your diverse teams, giving you an additional advantage in today’s marketplace.

Benchmark Performance

Quickly and easily compare your performance to that of your peers using industry survey results and Legal Metrics benchmarks. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and take action to improve your performance. Support a stronger, more vibrant industry by opting in to share contribute your aggregated information to custom Legal Metrics benchmarks.

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