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Work with your firms to create the change you need

Take your business to new heights with the insights that matter to you. Share performance measures and targets with your outside counsel, collaborate on the changes you need, and see their dedication shine through.

Evaluate and Compare Outside Counsel Performance

Track your outside counsel’s performance against your targets and metrics, including diversity and spend, in one convenient location. Eliminate data collection and manipulation. Compare firms and monitor progress effortlessly. Identify top performers, common challenges, and firms that need additional direction to meet your needs.

Closely Partner with Outside Counsel

Enhance your understanding of your firms and their performance by receiving regular updates on their progress through the lens of your metrics and targets. With this invaluable insight, you can better collaborate with your outside counsel to meet your goals. And keep your firms informed by opting-in to share your targets in a report customized to your priorities.


Keep outside counsel diversity front and center all year long without the need for surveys. Track changes in matter teams and firm demographics – whichever metrics are important to you – and compare to industry averages.

Track and
Monitor Spend

Improve your budget management by evaluating and exploring your outside counsel spend according to your unique requirements. Breakdown the data by firm, matter type, attorney rates, and other relevant factors.

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