Local Calculator

“Local Calculator” refers to the process of applying business logic to make sense of your local source data. This process:

  • Consolidates data from multiple data sources
  • Transforms data, producing business-friendly data units that are easier to query and to interpret
  • Gives business meaning to data aggregated from your systems
  • Promotes data self-service and collaboration

Local Calculator layer

Legal Metrics propriety Local Calculator layer aggregates data locally for use in Business Intelligence (BI) visualizations. It is the semantic layer that sits on top of your data integration/data warehouse. It acts as the single source of truth containing all data definitions, including metrics and measures important to your organization.

You can see how this is related to the Data Models in the bottom right hand corner of this diagram:


These definitions are related to the flow diagram above:

  • Accounting and HR Data Models are the core component of Legal Metrics approach. It is the “building block” for your Reports or Dataset.
  • Local Metrics Calculator uses tables and fields defined in the Data Models.
  • A Metrics Rules Manager defines how and when (using opt-in flags) local data is calculated for use in metrics and measures.
  • The Metrics BI Brain and Database contain aggregate data sets which can be shared through a double opt-in sharing paradigm.
  • Reports are used for self-service data analysis and collaboration within pre-defined templates.