My Account

At Legal Metrics, onboarding of our customers is done through our Onboarding Service Representative.

We will set up the person originally designated in onboarding documentation for the Legal Metrics account as the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact will be the only one who can perform certain actions. If you need to change the Primary Contact to another account or to invite more members to have portal access, please send a request to and include your current Primary Contact in the CC list.

Activating your account

During onboarding, please check your email for our portal invite and click on ‘Accept Invitation’. You will be redirected to an Onboarding Service Representative who will then set your password and send it to you in a separate communication.

If you have not received the invite email, please email us at and CC your account’s Onboarding Service Representative so we can verify the request.

Accessing the Portal

You can directly access the portal by going to and logging in with your account email address and password.

User Management

In Legal Metrics we have three user roles:

  • Admin: Has all privileges of other roles, plus the authority to manage users, add data sources and schedules by contacting your Legal Metrics Onboarding Service Representative.
  • Analyst: Can view and share reports on the data sources shared with them. Analysts cannot manage users or connect new data sources.
  • Viewer (Business User): Can only view reports that are shared with them