02 Connect Database

Getting Connected

The first step to use Legal Metrics is to connect the Local Calculator to your data source. This allows the Data Consolidation process to begin.

During your initial onboarding conversations, it should have been established which data source(s) will be consolidated to provide data to Legal Metrics reports. This early stage onboarding question is intended to make the connection process friction-free. To add a new data source after the initial implementation, please contact your assigned Onboarding Service Representative or email us at info@legalmetrics.com

Please read below for an explanation of how your onboarding connections are implemented, and how new connections can be added.

Supported Integrations

Legal Metrics Integrations are data source connections from which you can extract data but cannot use as a data warehouse. An example is web applications through API endpoints.

To analyze and visualize data from integrations, your Local Calculator will extract data from the connection and use it as a base for calculating aggregate metric results.

Legal Metrics supports many common business management platform integrations, including, but not limited to:

  • Aderant
  • Ultipro
  • Workday

Supported Warehouses

A Data Warehouse is a central database to store data from different sources for analytical purposes. Modern data warehouses can hold a large amount of data, and are optimized for complex analytical queries.

As Legal Metrics itself is not a data warehouse and does not store your data, a Local Calculator connection to a data warehouse of your choice is the first requirement to do any data consolidation, preparation, and reporting.

If choosing this connection option, data from other sources must be first be loaded into this data warehouse which will then be accessed by your Local Calculator.

List of currently supported data warehouses:

  • MS SQL

Note that we can also help import CSV files as a data source. Please contact us at info@legalmetrics.com for more details.

If your integration or warehouse is not here yet, please email us a message at info@legalmetrics.com with your integration needs.