03 Data Consolidation

Legal Metrics Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation is implemented through a set of data source connections (web applications, databases, files), aggregating data from them for use in reports. Legal Metrics supports connections to various databases, data warehouses, applications and platforms. We roughly divide them into two groups:

  1. Integrations
    • Connection to applications or platforms that are then used to extract data for use in metrics.
  2. Data Warehouses
    • Connections to a database/data warehouse dedicated to analytical purposes.

To get started with Legal Metrics, Integrations or a Data Warehouse from which metrics data can be aggregated must be available and ready for loading into your reporting data set. This is because:

  1. Legal Metrics does not store your raw data, and;
  2. Aggregations are not done in Legal Metrics, but in your own Local Calculator.

Please refer to Connect Database for more details on how to connect your integrations or data warehouses to Legal Metrics.