01 Introduction

What is Legal Metrics?

Legal Metrics helps you view your business information in aggregate and with ease.

It means that Legal Metrics handles all the data work, giving you data visualizations to help you understand various perspectives of your working matters, customers and service providers, depending on your role. We bring you from scattered data to insights in the shortest amount of time.

How Legal Metrics Works

The Legal Metrics experience consists of several components:

  • Data Consolidation: Bring your data from multiple sources to a central access point.
  • Data Preparation: Clean, transform and standardize your data for better usability in standard metrics reports.
  • Reporting & Visualization: Bring your data alive with Legal Metrics reports.
  • Report Delivery: Push your reports directly to your end-user in their preferred channel.

It should only take a few minutes to get started with Legal Metrics. If at any time you get stuck, send us an email at info@legalmetrics.com

How Legal Metrics caters to different user roles

Legal Metrics empowers both Business Users and Data Analysts. How you use Legal Metrics depends on your role in an organization.

You may be a Business User with keen eyes for numbers and a curious mind full of questions. You want to explore data yourself without relying too much on analysts, but are still intimidated by SQL. In that case, Legal Metrics reports will be most useful for you. These features are also built to gently introduce users to more granular data.

Management level folks who require regular, up-to-date numbers to make important decisions can also have reports directly delivered to them via email.

If you are a Data Analyst, you may want to make full use of Legal Metrics Data Modeling layer to understand how your organization’s local data is matched with Legal Metrics business logic to produce aggregate results, or how to share them with the business teams to explore your current metrics situation.

Please visit the My Account page for more formal definitions of intended user roles in Legal Metrics.