Components of a Workspace

Every user logged in to Legal Metrics will have access to some level of Public, Shared With Me or Private metrics by clicking on links from the Metrics Directory:


Public Metrics give your company’s users a view to openly available industry metrics in which your organization has interest.

Business Users and Analysts can view reports from their Public Metrics directory links. These reports tend to be community or industry standard metrics or rankings.

Shared With Me

Reports marked as Shared With Me are items shared with you by other Legal Metrics users. With these reports, you only have view permission. These reports tend to be related to work efforts specific to your role.


This is where you or your organization can access your own reports that no one has access to.

Private Metrics are useful when you want to experiment or learn from others when designing reports before sharing them with others. If you have specific reporting needs that are not ready to share, it is recommended to create such reports in your own workspace to avoid cluttering the Public or Shared workspaces accessible by other Legal Metrics users.