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Legal Metrics Scales for Growth with Key Hires

Legal Metrics, the data analytics company for diversity and legal operations, today (1 November) announced that it has hired Ryan Steadman as community & client engagement lead, and Vale (Valentin) Cantu as client onboarding lead. 

Legal Metrics supports diversity, legal ops, and value leaders by providing a unique “diversity and legal ops system” within law firms to automatically calculate and visualize all the metrics for law firm internal reporting, compliance with each client’s unique diversity or panel evaluation program, and for completion of industry surveys. For legal departments, it provides no-cost, no-effort panel analysis and benchmarking for deeper engagement with panel firms.

In Ryan Steadman’s new role, he will lead Legal Metrics’ engagement with its customers as well as its community of over 200 legal leaders who provide feedback on metrics and software features. He will listen to law firms, legal departments, and software and data providers to analyze requirements and define new ways to help law firms see themselves as their clients and potential clients already see them.

In addition to being known for his deep motivation of diversity initiatives, Steadman previously led growth for legal tech productivity software company Zero Systems. He has led numerous data automation and process improvement engagements with law firms, which have impacted people, productivity, and process redesign.

Founded by David Cunningham and supported by a consortium of legal departments and law

firms, Cunningham believes that Steadman’s approach will help the company to support the industry in facilitating diversity and legal ops data visibility and transparency across the legal services supply chain. “Ryan is not only interested in the stories that the data can tell, but he’s also passionate about making a difference in diversity and inclusion,” Cunningham explains. “As we move forward, we needed an advocate for those who are exhausted by manual calculations and realize that it’s time they also have a system for their needs, just like CFO’s, CMO’s, and CHRO’s are expected to have.”

“I’ve been a deep enthusiast of the Legal Metrics’ mission, especially around the diversity and inclusion efforts for our industry. Once firms can facilitate and act upon the data securely and anonymously instead of repetitively just collecting data, collectively as an industry we can do some very powerful things. Dave had me at “Can you help us make a difference?” Steadman says. “During my time in legal tech and service delivery, it’s clear that the caliber and quality of our community are what drives substantive and organic behavioral change. The tech helps, modestly, to facilitate that change. The company has a purpose-built system to help democratize and surface diversity, inclusion, and legal ops data and insights, and to act as a catalyst for change. I see tremendous opportunity to help facilitate data and to encourage law firm and legal department leaders to measure and manage metrics that matter,” says Steadman.

In Vale Cantu’s new role at Legal Metrics, he will be responsible for onboarding customers to help them facilitate and streamline metrics for law firms and legal departments. He will work closely with client project teams and data analysts. Cantu brings a deep data analytics and business intelligence implementation skillset, having gained valuable expertise and experience with the industry’s leading practice management and financial billing systems

Cunningham explains. “As our market becomes aware that there is now a purpose-built system designed to manage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion surveys where law firm leaders can see their own results, trends, compliance, and panel/peer benchmarks in real-time rather than being surprised annually

by a client report or published survey, and where legal operations metrics can be measured and managed, we need to build out our capabilities to rapidly onboard new customers.”

“I am tremendously proud to be a part of such an intelligent and hardworking team! Our mission is an important one that I firmly believe in, and I look forward to the change we can achieve in the industry,” says Cantu.

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