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Legal Metrics Hires a Metrics Curator to Foster Awareness and Adoption of Client-Centric Metrics in Law Firms

NEW YORK CITY, NY (March 2, 2022) – LEGAL METRICS®, the Legal Tech data analytics company for Diversity and Legal Operations metrics, today announced the addition of Sara Lord as Legal Ops Metrics Curator and Evangelist. Sara joins the team from Bloomberg Industry Group

Legal Metrics supports the industry’s diversity, legal ops, and value leaders by providing a unique “diversity and legal ops system” within law firms to:

  • Automatically calculate and visualize metrics for internal and client reporting;
  • Provide an “app store” approach to metrics, whereby a firm can view client and industry survey metrics every month, for the monitoring of trends and compliance with client requirements; and
  • Complete industry surveys without all the manual calculations.

For legal departments, it provides no-cost, no-effort panel analysis and benchmarking for deeper engagement with panel firms.

Sara will focus on supporting the existing diversity initiatives of legal departments, industry surveyors, and advocacy groups. In parallel, she will be working with leaders across the industry to design additional metrics that our system can help automate and use for benchmarking like matter value and cycle time, ESG, and social impact. She will facilitate partnerships with progressive software providers, consultancies, and data sources to add value to existing systems in place in firms and departments today.

“We’re delighted to welcome Sara to our growing and passionate team of metrics provocateurs,” says David Cunningham, founder, and CEO of Legal Metrics. “The market is maturing so law firms are recognizing the need to provide their client-centric leadership (diversity, legal ops, value) with a professional system for visualizing monthly trends and results, just like they have done long ago for their CFOs, CMOs, and HR leaders. Partners responsible for clients are recognizing that getting surprised by a client’s legal ops and diversity analysis is a failure to recognize how the client assesses the firm’s value.”

“As a data analyst and former practicing attorney,” Sara says, “I am passionate about helping to advance the business of law through increased education, transparency, accountability, and data-driven decision-making. Legal Metrics’ offerings can facilitate change by providing crucial data in an easy-to-understand format to law firms and legal departments seeking to benchmark and improve their operations. I’m excited to join its mission to create much-needed visibility into business priorities and success factors, and move the industry forward!”

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