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Notes To My (Legal) Self Season 2, Episode 18: Diversity Metrics 3.0 (ft. David Cunningham and Ashley Clingo)

David Cunningham is the founder of the data-driven legal ops initiative Legal Metrics and the Chief Information Officer of Winston & Strawn. Ashley Clingo is a licensed attorney who focuses on bringing Legal Metrics to life through dashboards and designs that provide clear and useful insights for legal and business teams.

Ashley has a background in data, statistics, and programming and has led numerous projects in legal artificial intelligence and data analytics. Diversity metrics define priority and progress but have been very simple measures in the legal market. Consider the first phase of metrics (1.0) to be the diversity of timekeepers at a law firm. The second phase is more sophisticated by considering recruiting pipelines, committee inclusion, and financial rewards. We are now at the beginning of a third phase, whereby we correlate these diversity metrics to other aspects, such as matter outcome, client satisfaction, value, client business unit, cycle time, and other factors. And we finally automate the calculations of these metrics to free up the time of the diversity team and allow more sophistication and trending analysis. In this podcast, we’ll cover this journey and the expected insights to be learned.

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