Participant Terms and Conditions

Participant Terms and Conditions

March 10, 2020
By agreeing to become a Participant, a person agrees to these Participant Terms
and Conditions. 


Legal Metrics is undergoing a collaborative design and build process to create software for the confidential calculation and display of legal operational metrics, and the optional sharing of metrics and benchmarks between legal departments and the companies who provide legal services to them. Legal Metrics may also create lists, definitions, and algorithms in support of these metrics. The terms “Participants” and”Legal Metrics Participants” refer to individuals who have agreed, via verbal or written communications with David Cunningham, to be part of a thought leader and review group hereafter called the LM Review Group.  

Expectations for Participants

There is no commitment period or cost to be a Participant. A Participant may end their involvement at any time by written communications with David Cunningham via 

By becoming a Participant, each person agrees to: 

  • Be added to the e-mail list to receive updates and draft materials to review 
  • Receive information or draft materials to review for feedback 
  • Use their best efforts and intentions to review provided materials and provide thoughtful feedback, from their own perspective and/or by talking with others in their company (or experts outside their company they trust) to gain more perspective 
  • Keep the information received confidential outside of the parties above, unless given permission by David Cunningham 
  • Consider becoming a beta or early adopter customer of the solutions created by Legal Metrics 

Opinions and contributions made by Participants, unless stated as such, are not necessarily the views of the company that employs them. Involvement in the LM Review Group does not make or obligate the Participant or the Participant’s employer to be a customer of Legal Metrics solutions. Becoming a customer of any future solutions is an independent decision, which will have its own legal and use information. 

Confidentiality and Representations

Being a Participant does not assume or insinuate that the entire company that employs the Participant is participating in or endorses the LM Review Group or the work produced by Legal Metrics.  

LegalMetrics will not share or sell Participant contact information to other parties, except for normal operating and communication purposes(e.g., use of CRM software). LegalMetrics, by default, lists each Participant’s picture, role(s), and company (based on LinkedIn profile information) on its public website If a Participant wishes not to have their information listed on the site, they only need to indicate so to David Cunningham in writing at any time.  

Emails to the LM Review Group are sent out individually by the CRM so recipients are not known to each other via email distributions. However, the use of collaborative feedback software is planned whereby Participants may provide feedback that will be seen by other Participants. If a Participant wishes to remain anonymous to other Participants, the Participant may choose an anonymous account name or refrain from posting comments.   

No information or quotes provided by Participants will be published by Legal Metrics without explicit permission. 

None of the material provided by Legal Metrics or contributed by Participants constitutes legal advice or creates client relationships. 

Feedback by Participants on product features, metrics, the roadmap, or other topics does not convey ownership of any solutions created by Legal Metrics now or in the future. If shared information is protected, the Participant should note it as such, or consider not sharing it. 

March 10, 2020

These Participant Terms and Conditions may be updated without notice. 

Contact information for becoming a Participant, DCMA notices, or other information: 
David Cunningham