Legal Metrics participants

Maturity in legal operations stands on the shoulders of many individuals and some key organizations like CLOC, ACC, and Legal Operators. A perception that large legal departments are leaders and law firms are laggards is now outdated, as well as labeling non-law firm providers as ‘alternative’ or dismissing the Big 4. There are thoughtful innovators on all sides of the buyer-provider ecosystem and the lines between the types of providers are blurring.


Legal Metrics has welcomed all progressive leaders to participate in designing both the software and the metrics for this initiative. Many of them are listed below and we continue to grow.  Twice per month, we have Metrics Mondays to share updates, obtain feedback, and learn priorities.  

Being a Legal Metrics Participant does not imply the Participant’s entire company endorses the work of Legal Metrics or create an obligation to use the resulting capabilities. Full Participant information is available at the bottom of this page.


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